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February 2015

Cupcake stall

Today at the Ignium fest at GNITS, we put up a cupcake stall called “Two broke girls”. For days we’ve been doubting the sale of cupcakes at our college but shockingly the whole batch of cupcakes baked were sold within an hour. XD

Look’s like Hasita’s efforts didn’t go waste.

Here’s a picture of the cupcakes in display :


And here’s a picture of the little stall. XD


And more cupcakes..



Sorry to all those who didn’t get one. Unfortunately we don’t have the permission to extend the stall for tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll be back next week 🙂


Two Broke Girls.

Haha yes it’s a show. A hilarious one in fact! The first thing that pops up into my mind is “Max’s homemade cupcakes” . 😛

Well this Ignium technical fest at GNITS, Hasita is putting up a cupcake stall and we decided to call it “Two Broke Girls”. XD

We’re putting up two kinds- Vanilla cupcakes and Rainbow ones. To all you GNITS girls out there and to others who are attending the fest, do come and try them out.

Let me enclose some pictures with hopes of tempting you. 😛


And here are a few semi decorated vanilla cupcakes. 🙂


We’ll be open for two days, 27th and 28th of Feb. Do visit. 🙂


GECFEST is a state-wide fest conducted at Gudlavalleru Engineering College, Gudlavalleru, A.P. The fest includes all sorts of technical, cultural, literary and sports programs. This three-day fest is always worth the travel and not to forget the treacherous heat and humidity of the village. In spite of being of a rural area, the college is up to the mark with every event they host which makes it a remarkable fest to attend. Students and staff of GEC clearly put their efforts into making this fest a success.

Coming to the sports part, the events Basketball, Volleyball, Table tennis and Tennis have been conducted for both men and women. Regarding the participation of GNITS teams, Basketball, volleyball and table tennis winners titles were bagged by our teams. The basketball team has won the rolling trophy for the second time in a row, and we can call it our own once we win it for the third time next year. The volleyball team showed one amazing final, as the opponent GEC was equally good. All the GEC students were rooting for their team but our girls just had to win. 😛

Well, in short this is one tournament we wait for every single year. And we hope it would be as memorable and satisfying in the upcoming years.

Here’s a picture of the trophy haul.



Here’s a poem I wrote last month, which was recited at the valedictory of Verve.

Our GNITS sports people are unlike the rest.
So let me tell about them on this day of the fest.

Our TT players are quick and smart,
they not only play with their hands, but also with their heart

Our badminton girls never give up,
They work hard to bring home the winning cup.

Our kho-kho players run in a blink,
They’ll never let our college ship sink.

Our throwball team is strong and agile,
They win every match with a smile.

Our volleyball team will go that extra mile,
to increase the trophies in our pile.

Our basketball team won’t go down without a fight,
They put in their every bit of strength and might.

Behind all these successful players is one woman,
Her spirit and determination in uncommon.

Everyone admires her charm,
She is none other than our Suryakumari ma’am.

In the end I’d like to say whole heartedly,
there is no family better than the GNITS Sports family.


GNITS teams at Verve’15.

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