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Pup growing up.

Aero here, is a Labrador retriever and he’s currently 21 months old. We got him home when he was a month old and was a tiny little fur-ball that fit in my hands. Its weird how this little creature grew so huge, and so fast. But I’m sure this is one stage all dog-owners go through. 😛  Aero boy went from not being able to climb on the sofa, to occupying the whole of it. And yet he’s still as hyper as can be.

Above all his mischief, he completes our family and makes us happy by just existing. There’s no such thing as a bad day when you come home to this little fellow. :’)

And yeah you can see his changeover here. 😛



Back to College

After taking a break from the injury I procured at Verve, I finally got back to college. All these record submissions, assignments, extra labs, and most of all, building up the patience to sit in six classes a day, may be nerve-wrecking, but meeting half of my team along with coach Ravi sir alleviated the after-effects of a hectic day.

Missed our senior stars, Alekhya and Laxmi, today but hope to see them soon. 😀


This Basketball Season

So this semester’s basketball started with our very own GNITS sports fest, Verve. It was fun organizing the tournament and the crowd supporting our college was amazing beyond words. Though GNITS won the tournament with the final match score against VNRVJIET being 16-15, Verve had a huge effect on our basketball team. Three of our main five got injured during the final match.

But as Anisha says- ‘ We get up but don’t give up.’ , GNITS team will be back on the court as soon as possible. So lets hope for a speed recovery of our players and a great game season ahead.

Waiting eagerly to be back. Cheers to GNITS.

Here’s a picture of the final match between GNITS and VNRVJIET.
GNITS bt VNR 16-15



I’m Spurthi Alluri, a student of Computer Science at G.Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science, Hyderabad, India. I’m also a university-level basketball player, a casual poet, fiction enthusiast, dog lover with many more interests.

The main intention of starting this blog is to share my views on random happenings in life on a daily basis. So hope you’d appreciate it.

Thanks for visiting! And have a nice day.


Oh and that’s something me and my friend Ananya made for a friend’s birthday. 😛

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